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Consistent  Respectful  Ambassadors

for the Cruise lines and their Passenger Audiences

Cruise Speakers Association

A pre-eminent source of quality Speakers and Artists to the Cruise Industry, Cruise Speakers Association provides enrichment guests that fill seats and create loyal passengers every time they appear. 

For Cruise Lines

Your passengers desire variety and engagement in entertaining and compelling topics that only a few skilled presenters can provide.

We recruit, train and encourage only the best to ensure each position is filled with a hassle free, welcomed presenter that eases the Cruise Staff’s workload and ensures your Cruise line is the favored choice for returning passengers.

For Presenters

A life of enchantment and sharing awaits. With guidance, support and education you will be making a difference in the Cruise Passengers’ lives and you will be provided with extensive accolades and support from exuberant audiences.

We can help you get there. Only a few are selected but for the right fit, a lifetime member of our Speakers and Arts and Crafts Association have a ticket to a world not seen by most yet envied by many.

Craft Associates

Sarah Woods

Craft Instructor

Jill Alblas

Craft Instructor

Sheila Apperley

Craft Instructor

Irene Burns

Craft Instructor

Rebecca Burns

Craft Instructor

Art Associates

Bev Morgan

Watercolour Art Instructor

Gwen Shackleton

Experienced Art Tutor

Svetlana Orinko

Artists & Tutors

Chris Newson

Chinese Brush-Painting for Beginners

Julie Stokes

Experienced Art Tutor
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